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Amanda Hoff

Amanda, dedicated yogi and owner of Salty Soul Sanctuary, first encountered the transformative power of yoga over a decade ago in the intense heat of a Bikram studio. This powerful  experience ignited a deep-seated passion, marking the start of her lifelong journey with yoga. Her evolving practice kindled a desire for more creative expression, leading her to delve into the dynamic and expressive world of Vinyasa classes, where she discovered new depths of self-expression through yoga. 


Balancing the joys of motherhood and teaching teenagers in the classroom, Amanda fused her love for teaching with her passion for yoga, completing her 200hr YTT with Authentic Movements. Her training journey was a transformative one, blending the precision of anatomical alignment with the freedom of creative movement. With her extensive background in education, Amanda excels at creating unique and dynamic yoga classes that focus on peak postures/flows, strength building, and balance. Her classes are a vibrant symphony of constant motion, where sweat and breath merge for an immersive experience. As a teacher, Amanda is committed to creating a nurturing and safe environment, encouraging students to explore their potential and embark on a personal journey toward holistic well-being, both on and off the mat. 

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