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Suzy Adra

Suzy Adra, PhD, a multi-faceted and talented member of our Salty Soul Sanctuary team. Suzy is not only an artist and certified yoga instructor but also an adept energy healer and trauma release practitioner. Her unique workshops in somatic movement and creative processes encourage embracing one’s innate creativity, while her holistic coaching nurtures overall well-being. 


Suzy has written articles for and the Journal: Challenging Organizations and Society - reflective hybrids. Suzy is the founder of Bija Healing Sanctuary and the creator of ArtkeyTypes, a therapeutic painting process. She holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where her dissertation explored the state of presence and insight in the painting process. Also an author, Suzy published her first book in September 2020. Her rich background and diverse expertise bring a unique, holistic approach to Salty Soul Sanctuary, enriching our community’s journey towards wellness and self-expression. Visit to explore more about her work. 

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