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Mira-Lisa Katz

Meet Mira-Lisa Katz, a seasoned yoga and dance instructor at Salty Soul Sanctuary, with an MFA in Dance and Creative Practice and a PhD in Language Literacy Education. With extensive training in the Iyengar tradition from The Yoga Room in Berkeley and Nest Yoga in Oakland, Mira-Lisa’s classes are a harmonious blend of detailed verbal cues, thoughtful prop use, meditation/pranayama, and gentle assists, all aimed at strengthening body and mind. Certified by The Driven Yogi in creating inclusive yoga spaces, she believes yoga is for everyone. Mira-Lisa’s rich experience includes teaching English at Sonoma State University and ballet to adults, alongside offering private yoga and dance instruction in Monterey County. Join her at Salty Soul Sanctuary for an enriching practice that nurtures both the physical and spiritual self. 

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