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Laura McKinnon

Laura McKinnon, E-RYT and the visionary founder of the yoga studio Seaside Yoga Sanctuary, now brings her wealth of experience and passion to Salty Soul Sanctuary. Laura’s yoga journey began in 2000, seeking healing for an injury, and quickly blossomed into a profound discovery of physical, mental, and emotional balance. This transformation ignited her desire to share the benefits of yoga with others.


In her classes, Laura focuses on anatomy, mindful movement, and encourages compassionate self-study, helping students find freedom and ease in their bodies. Her extensive training includes certifications in Prenatal Yoga and Grief Yoga®. Laura teaches various styles of yoga, including Hatha and Prenatal & Postnatal yoga. Deeply influenced by the Iyengar tradition, she continues to evolve her practice through ongoing studies and self-exploration. 


Laura cherishes her family as her greatest support system, has a deep love for animals, and finds joy in nature’s tranquility. At Salty Soul Sanctuary, she is an inspiring guide, leading with heart and wisdom, and nurturing a community where everyone can grow and flourish in their yoga journey. 

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