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Marcia Moseley

Marcia, 500hr YT, brings a lifelong passion for movement and a deep connection to her Brazilian roots to Salty Soul Sanactuary. Having learned to dance before she could walk, she started her journey with classical ballet at the age of five. Marcia’s foray into yoga began many years ago, initially drawn to the asanas but soon immersing herself in the rich philosophy of the practice. Her enthusiasm led her to YogaWorks in San Francisco, where she completed both her 200hr and 300hr YTT’s. 


Marcia’s teaching style, enriched by her background in dance and her Brazilian heritage, is a blend of rooted practice and expressive freedom. Marcia views yoga as a familiar yet new language through which she communicates with her body, mind, and soul. Her classes are an invitation to explore this language together, creating a space of expression, connection, and joy.

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